Want a more accurate estimate? 

There’s an app for that!

At Big G Movers, we believe that a visual survey is critical to obtaining a more accurate estimate. With the addition of the iMover app, we are excited to offer a reliable and more accurate price quote without the hassle and inconvenience of having to arrange for an in-home estimate. We get it! We understand the needs of our customers and how precious your time is. We’ve got the solution! A Virtual In-Home Estimate is just one more quality service that Big G Movers provides to our customers.

In just 3 simple steps, your tablet or smart phone becomes our eyes and ears in your home, allowing you the convenience and flexibility of receiving a fast, free, more accurate price quote from us, any time day or night!

  1. Just download the iMover app from Apple iTunes or the Google Play store using the links below.
  2. Start recording videos of the furniture from each room you are moving, as well as the exterior access to your residence.
  3. Fill out our form requesting a quote, and be sure to provide us with your unique iMover ID, (typically it’s a combination of 6 numbers and letters). Then just sit back and relax! We’ll respond back to you with a quote in no time!


Here are just a few quick tips when shooting the videos:

  • Show the insides of closets, cabinets, etc. Knowing how much is inside of a cabinet or storage area can help ensure a more accurate box count.
  • Feel free to narrate your videos. This can help identify pieces that need special care or even items that aren’t going as part of the move.
  • If your move has an extra stop involved, shoot those items as a separate room and call it, “extra stop”.
  • Be sure to provide any insight that may be helpful, like if an item was assembled or built inside of the room it is in, for instance. If there is a concern with regard to being able to get it out/down. If there is an oversized/overweight item, or maybe a tricky, tight turn or narrow staircase, be sure to include those things as well.
  • Show us the outside access to the residence and even the path you envision the movers walking to and from the truck.
  • Don’t forget to show us, (or tell us about) the attic, basement, garage, outdoor/patio furniture and shed!

*If you have any questions getting started with the iMover app, send us a quick email biggmoversinc@gmail.com or text 848-218-1485 and we’ll be happy to help!

App downloaded? Videos recorded? Let’s do this!